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Dear Site Visitors, Customers and Members,


RS CTA Gıda Tekstil San. Trade Ltd. Sti. As (“Nocturne” and/or “Company”), we provide the personal data of our site visitors, members, customers (hereinafter referred to as “Relevant Person(s)”) in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”). We attach great importance to data processing and data security. In this context, we take the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure that all personal data belonging to all real persons associated with Nocturne are processed and preserved in accordance with the law within the framework of the Law. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Law and other relevant legislation within the framework of the following situations. Real persons whose personal data are processed within the scope of the law, by examining this clarification text,



Personal Data Processed by Nocturne



Name, surname, e-mail address, postal address (home and/or work), telephone number, fax number, mobile phone number, date of birth, TR identity number, gender information, passport number, bank account information, IBAN number, profession information, marital status, shopping history and payment method, marketing and communication preferences, location data, products reviewed, product subject to shopping, amount information, etc.




Personal Data Security and Privacy




We take care of the security of personal data and take all reasonable technical, physical and organizational measures to protect it. Nocturne's software by signing a contract, taking necessary precautions for the security of the transactions (site visits, membership transactions, shopping transactions) performed by the Relevant Persons on our website at (our website), information and the nature of the transaction, Provides installation, hosting and maintenance services, is responsible for the management and operation services of the e-commerce system and all our e-commerce activities carried out with this system, and also collects personal data directly through our Website as a data controller by providing consignment services to Relevant Persons, and RND Software and E-Ticaret A.Ş.



For the transmission of personal data, RND uses Secure Sockets Layer “SSL” technology. With this technology, information is encrypted before it is transmitted between your computer and RND servers. However, although RND implements SSL technology, for some reason we cannot guarantee confidentiality for any messages sent to and from the Website (including email communications). We protect personal data from unauthorized access by storing it on website servers and using reasonable technical and procedural controls.



Likewise, although RND uses physical and managerial procedures to protect personal data, we cannot guarantee complete security against anyone who might want to circumvent security measures or interfere with transmissions on the Internet.



While using our Website, all credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online between you by the relevant Bank or Card Institutions independently of Nocturne, and information such as credit card passwords are not seen or recorded by Nocturne.



If you are a member of our site as a Relevant Person, the information entered for the purpose of purchasing products/services and updating information, confidential information about credit and debit cards cannot be seen by other internet users.



Processing Method and Purposes of Personal Data



As Nocturne, in the capacity of data controller (i) our call centers, written communication, in accordance with all legal principles regarding the processing of personal data and our Policy on the Processing of Personal Data Our personal and/or personal and/or personal and/or personal and/or information obtained through our channels, social media pages, mobile communication channels, in-store communication channels and/or all kinds of channels including but not limited to (ii) RND, within the scope of your express consent (approval), without prejudice to the cases where express consent is not sought. or your personal data of special nature can be obtained, recorded, stored, stored, changed, updated, periodically checked, rearranged, classified, in whole or in part,can be stored for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed or for the period stipulated in the relevant law, in case of legal or service-related actual requirements, with business partners, suppliers or public institutions and organizations for which Nocturne is legally liable, and/or in Turkey or abroad. We can transfer it abroad in case of legal or service-related actual requirements.person can be shared with real person/legal persons, in case of legal or service-related actual requirements, we can transfer them abroad.person can be shared with real person/legal persons, in case of legal or service-related actual requirements, we can transfer them abroad.



As Nocturne, as a data controller, within the framework of our legal obligations arising from the legislation; (i) to benefit from Nocturne services, (ii) to manage your orders and returns, (iii) to inform you about various promotional, advertising, promotion, sales and marketing activities, as well as store card, credit card and membership/customer information, transactions and practices, (iv) to record your suggestions and complaints, to establish better service standards for you, and (v) to determine and implement Nocturne commercial and business strategies, (vi) to collect orally, in writing or electronically in order to prevent malicious or misuse of our services; and we are processing.



In the processing of your personal data; (i) compliance with the law and good faith, (ii) being accurate and up-to-date when necessary, (iii) being processed for specific, clear and legitimate purposes, (iv) being relevant, limited and proportionate for the purpose for which they are processed, (v) stipulated in the relevant legislation or processed. We comply with the principles of storage for as long as necessary for the purpose. It should not be forgotten that any information collected about you will be collected and used to the extent necessary.



In addition, if you want to get more detailed information about the administrative and technical measures we have taken regarding the use of your personal data and data security, you can request our Personal Data Processing and Data Security Policy by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address specified below.






Nocturne, alınacak açık rızanın en önemli gizlilik ilkelerinden biri olduğuna inanmaktadır. Kişisel verilerinizi bize ve/veya iş ortağımız olan RND’ye veya diğer iş ortaklarımıza vermeme hakkına sahipsiniz. Ancak bu durumda Web Sitemizin belirli bölümlerine katılmanız mümkün olmayacaktır. Size sunduğumuz “opt-in” mekanizması sayesinde, e-posta dağıtımı veya diğer hizmetlere kayıt yaptırmak amacıyla kayıt sayfamızda bulunan ve açık rızanızı temsil eden işaret kutucuğuna tıklamadığınız sürece, bizden herhangi bir iletişim veya ileriye dönük bir hizmet almayacaksınız. Belirli iletişimler ve hizmetler için bizden istenilen hizmeti size sunmaya başlamadan önce ise, bize verdiğiniz açık izni doğrulatırız. Tarafımızca sunulan bu iletişimlere ya da hizmetlere son vermek isterseniz; daha önce Web Sitemizde belirlediğiniz tercihinizi değiştirerek bunu yapabilir veya, e-posta göndermemiz durumunda, o belirli hizmet ya da dağıtım için her e-postanın içinde abonelik iptali için bulunan linke tıklayabilir  ve/veya size iletilen kısa mesaj metninin içinde belirtilen numaraya kısa mesaj gönderebilirsiniz.






Where Nocturne collects personal data directly from individuals, we inform them of the purpose and duration of the information collected, and the options and means, if any, and provide individuals with options to restrict their use and disclosure of their personal information. Our notifications are made in clear and understandable language when we request information from individuals. Nocturne does not use, share or disclose this information for any other purpose other than the purpose declared when it was first collected.



Transfer of Personal Data



As Nocturne, your personal data in question is only; based on your express consent or on the condition that adequate measures are taken within the framework of the security and confidentiality principles specified in the Law, and on the condition that the necessary security measures specified in the Law are taken; (i) to our group companies, (ii) to third parties residing at home and abroad, with whom we enter into contractual relations in order to fulfill our obligations under the Law, to our business partners, suppliers, real/legal persons from whom we receive services, domestic and foreign organizations that we are program partners, may transfer it to other third parties who are not considered but involved in data processing activities, (iii) We may share it with audit companies or public institutions or organizations that are authorized to request this data as required by a legal obligation, and other relevant authorities, including but not limited to these. In addition, we may share it with our employees who are the representatives of the data controller within Nocturne in order to perform the service provided to our valued customers within the scope of the Law with high standards.






Cookies are information signals sent to your browsers via the Website and are used only when you log into our Website. They send cookies containing a special identifier used to better understand the use of our Website, to your web browsers, so that we can understand which areas of our Website users prefer to use (eg based on the number of visitors entering these areas). Although cookies generally do not contain personal data, if there is information you disclose to us about yourself, it may be associated with them.



Only RND can use these cookies we set; Nocturne and RND cannot access or read other parties' cookies. In addition, RND may use cookies in aggregate to monitor circulation and traffic trends within the site. This aggregate and anonymous information will allow RND to improve the content of our Website and may be shared with partners or other third parties.



If you are a registered user of our Website (aka "Member"), RND may send you a cookie containing your identifiers stored by your browser when you log in. This type of cookie is used to identify you and allows you to access areas that are exclusive to registered users only, such as being able to view and manage your account.



If you just want to browse, you do not have to accept cookies from our Website. However, if you decide to register and access private areas of our Website and you have set your browser not to accept cookies, you must reset your browser to accept cookies that RND sends to you in order to avoid disruption of the service provided to you.



Pixel Tags



In order to measure activity and/or traffic on our Website, the Site may use "pixel tags" with cookies. A pixel tag is a type of web page graphic and is usually invisible because it is 1x1 pixels. These tags keep track of the number of users who visit our Website and track their navigation through our Website. For example, RND may use this tag when it wants to statistically count which pages the Relevant Persons using our Website visit.



Pixel tags technology is not used to receive any personal data.



Sometimes we put pixel tags in our HTML-format email messages that we send (or are sent on our behalf) to determine which email messages were opened and whether action was taken based on the email messages. You can make some pixel tags unusable by canceling the relevant cookie.



IP Addresses



An Internet Protocol (IP) address is usually a number that your Internet Service Provider automatically assigns to your device when you connect to the Internet. Like other Internet sites, RND may collect IP addresses to analyze visitor numbers and site usage information collectively. Your IP address has no connection with the personal data you have provided. However, RND reserves the right, in accordance with regulatory requirements, to use IP addresses to identify individuals who threaten our Website, our services or our customers.



Click Stream



“Clickflow” or “clickstream data” reflects the web pages a user has visited, and more importantly, it indicates the status or traffic pattern that drove the user from one web page to another. RND monitors such information only within our Website; specifically, Nocturne does not track clickstream actions outside of web pages.



Clickstream data does not contain or disclose any personal data about the user, nor do we compare this data with the personal data you provide.



Changes to the Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy may be periodically reviewed and revised. By using our Website, you understand and agree that we have the right to change this Privacy Policy without prior notice and that we will post the changes on this page so that you can be informed about the types of information we collect, how we use it and under what conditions, if any. We will display on our Website the date the Privacy Policy was last updated. We advise you to visit our Privacy Policy page every time you visit our Website and to be aware of the changes in this way.



Children's Privacy



Our Website is not for use by children under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect personal data of Relevant Persons in this age group.



Your Rights Regarding the Protection of Personal Data



By applying to Nocturne as a personal data owner; (i) to learn whether your personal data is being processed, (ii) to request information about it if it has been processed, (iii) to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose, (iv) to know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom the personal data is transferred, ( v) to request correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed, (vi) to request the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law, (vii) to request correction, deletion or destruction of your personal data; requesting the notification of the transactions made to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred,  



You can submit your requests regarding the exercise of the rights mentioned above to our Company using the method specified in the RS CTA Gıda Tekstil Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi Data Owner Application Form, which you can access at Depending on the nature of your request, your applications will be concluded free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest; however, if the transaction requires an additional cost, you may be charged a fee according to the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.


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